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Re: Keeping your head against a cheating opponent....


I beat the bastard 6-1 6-4

He turned up 20 mins late today but he was surprisingly well behaved. He still did the crap with the instant serve/long delays, but overall he wasn't too bad. I did use GlennMirnyi's advice on one point when he served when I clearly wasn't ready, hit a drop shot which he reached and then I crushed a backhand straight at his body, he managed to just about get his frame in the way but he gave me a long glare after, I smiled and didn't apologise.

I threw in a few other tricks, I was feeding him nothing balls in the warm up and then started hitting with about 4 times the pace when he was volleying. He wasn't quite sure what was going on. Then when the match started, it was horribly windy so I fed him a shitload of moonballs which were swirling all over the place. Good times
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