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Re: Jérémy's article/news thread

Originally Posted by soulage View Post
Some things interestings in the article. I let the translation to someone else

Thanks a lot for the scan, just a summary:

It's an article written after Stuttgart. The journalist pictures him and Fontang on the road to Hamburg in his beautiful Mercedes coupé, but they actually took the plane and had the car delivered in Pau - easier for the Stuttgart organizers than last year when Delpo won it.
Jim hopes this title will help him to be on the DC team because it's something he would really like to experience. A recognition.
Moderation and discretion are the keywords with the Chardy-Fontang team. They're a special case in French tennis. Everybody is either "FFT" (French Tennis Association) or "Lagardère", they chose to be "Béarnais" (the region Jérémy comes from) taking advantage of the national training structures. Fontang says the French system is excellent, but "kills 'couples'" (= the coach/player relationship) - the Chardy-Fontang pair avoided that by cultivating their independence and the attachment to Jérémy's village near Pau, Boeil-Bezing. "I wish you could see my village, it's so beautiful, with the mountains all around..."
Jérémy still has his room in the house of his parents, with posters of Kuerten, Mauresmo, Pierce, Grosjean, Agassi on the walls. But he's having a house built opposite to the one of his parents and he will move into it in September with his gf.
He practices at the tennis club of Pau with the 3 best local players or with Fontang himself. There are posters of the Davis Cup matches played in Pau in 1999 and 2002 on the walls of the tennis club. Jérémy was there as a ballkid: "I remember Kuerten, Meligeni, Pioline. Grosjean who had put on a clown hat!"
Then the same stuff as last time about his 3 physios from Pau who follow him in turn and complement each other.
That's how he progresses, at his rate, quietly, continuously. Never showing off, even in his brand new Mercedes. Fontang doesn't need to repeat him all the time the motto: "In order that it lasts, never look at the short term".

And the pics:
Jérémy when he was 11 years old and started to train with Fontang. They've never parted ways since then.
The story with Grosjean he mentions in the article, when he was a ballkid in Davis Cup.
His room at home (a pic taken after this great run in Roland-Garros in 2008).
And a pic of his old car (the Renault Clio of his grand-father) and his new one.

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