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plz help me choose my first racket


I'm completely new to the sport and I'm hoping someone here can help me choose a right racket and if necessary strings.

I'm 22, I have been playing table tennis in competition for 9 years and I'm going to continue playing and coaching in the sport. I know it's hard to combine the two sports, but recently I played a game of tennis and I was immedeately sold (especially the first serve). So I'm going to play tennis at least once a week, and if I'm having enough fun and improve, maybe after a year I'll play some beginner tournements. I'm stronger then most 22 year old men, but I'm no Nadal.

I have been looking up a lot of information on tennis rackets, but at the moment it's impossible for me to know what my playing style will be. So I have no idea whether my strokes will be long, if I'm a hard hitter, a volleyer...
I only know I like the the motion of jumping and serving fast (for my level), that I play a one handed backhand and that I want to play with a lot of topspin like in table tennis. I also don't see the advantage for me to start with a light racket with a huge head, since I have the strength and when/if I improve I'll want a smaller head.

Strings are even harder to choose from.

I've been thinking of buying a racket that's on sale or going to be discountinued as they're a lot cheaper and I haven't really got a preference at the moment. Though the racket may cost a bit more if it's worth it. So if you know a good racket and strings for me, in a shop where I can buy from in Belgium, please let me know, I'd appreciate it.

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sorry if it's a bit long,
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