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Re: The Chat Thread: Part 2

Originally Posted by trickcy View Post
Hi mimi Yes, it's been far too long
I'm in college now, and don't visit MTF too often. When I do, I usually just check the Fed Forum, and Non Tennis. I haven't been on GM for a while. It's a zoo

How have you been, mimi?
2000 cases Take care

Lee, cute dogs Are they both yours?
so nice to see you trickcy, i understand, studies are more important than message board, you must be in seven heaven since roger won both RG and wimby and now having 2 baby girls

counting on the monies i earned day by day, and wishing to retire soon
and am a bit afraid of the swine flu, trying to eat a bit less as i am as big as a ballon, other than that, nothing special

Rafa! Rafa! Rafa!

Epic movies, like brokeback mountain, are seldom found in the industry or worthy for the mainstream viewer. As often as I have watched the clips of this movie, I always find something more to it. For one, the gay stuff doesn't enter the picture for me, only the dimension of the highest love I have ever witnessed in life or on film.
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