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Re: Adrian Mannarino Cheering Thread

What a picture fest that was. Thanks a lot!!

Originally Posted by Truc View Post
I asked him about his knee before the match, I know he must be so sick of that question, but he explained in detail why he keeps playing, etc. It's a real headache. :-/ He was very, very nice!
He looks much better in person than in pics. Nice eyes, great smile too.

It looked like he was alone in Hamburg. I would only recognize the father, don't know how the brothers look like, but he was alone before his match and he didn't seem to look at anybody in particular during the match. I hope I'm wrong and there was somebody to cheer him up after his match because he seemed so down.

Beurken is a hardhitter, the kind of players who bore me to tears. But I have to say he played a good match. It was driving Adrian insane because Beurken kept painting the lines. Every close shot of Beurken was in, every close shot of Adrian was out, it really was quite insane! On MP again - Adrian had a little bitter, disillusioned smile then.

At the beginning I thought Adrian had a problem with his shoulder, he gave Beurken a 4-0 lead ^^ and kept touching his shoulder after each serve. But he stopped doing that after a while, so I guess/hope the shoulder is fine.
Actually, his serve was the only thing working in his game afterwards. I so badly wanted to cheer his winners, but there weren't any. :-/ So I was cheering his service winners!
I don't remember if he even played one of his gorgeous dropshots. He let Beurken totally dominate the rallies at times, it was painful to watch.

Still, I'm very glad to have seen the match because of his antics, he's quite a character on the court! He really made me laugh, even though it wasn't funny.
When he was broken again at 3-2 (?) in the 2nd set, he was just frustrated from then on and started to soliloquize for the rest of the match. He was whining that he's been so unlucky this year ("je suis tellement poissard, moi, cette année!"), etc.
He didn't even go to his chair for the last changeover, went over to the other side of the court and waited for Beurken.
He was still talking to himself when leaving the court, I couldn't hear what he said because it was too far from me, but I heard him shout the scoreline of his match, he was so mad!

Sorry for the long match report, but I'm so glad to have seen him in person, even if the match was a complete mess. Terrible match and fight from him, obviously, but he was touching.
His whiny antics reminded me a bit of Coria too (it's positive coming from me, I found Coria highly entertaining).
The long match report is very appreciated, now watch me respond in equally long fashion.

It's nice that you got to speak with him, he is very nice to talk with, so laid back and friendly (well, he was with me anyway). The knee problem is annoying, indeed, really seems to have messed with his confidence for this season. Agree about how good he looks in person, especially when he is not sulking (although that can be attractive too!).

I'm going to help you identify his brothers with some pictures of them at Wimbledon:
This is Morgan (Zahirah wanted a picture of him, so I ended up taking this and then we ended up talking, I really like Morgan):

Here, watching Adrian

and here's Daniele in the pink shirt (I think he's his brother )

Do you recognise either of them as being there? I hope he had someone there for him anyway since it was such a crappy loss.

Like I said on your Facebook, the 1st time I saw Adrian live he played dreadfully too but I still fell in love with his game, I don't know what it was in that match that I could possibly have enjoyed though, since both him and Eysseric were really bad. Must have been his character, I think he also hit a classic dropshot, which made me think of Coria and I was a fan ever since. Hope you get to see him play a good match in person soon because there are very few things better!

I see he gave one of those disillusioned smiles again, seems to be becoming a regularity unfortunately.

I love listening to him talk to himself, since it helps me learn so much more about him as a player. It's always very interesting to watch him, even when he plays bad because you know he is still going to be entertaining. It makes me sad to hear he was talking about his bad year in that way though. Poor Adrian.

His whiny antics remind me a lot of Coria too, I guess that's partly why I like him so much.

Thanks for the great report Fran and hopefully he will play a lot better next time you see him! Hope you continue to enjoy Hamburg, as I will enjoy living your experiences on here.

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