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Re: Ty (Winnipeg)'s Tournament Cheering Thread!!!

Originally Posted by Ozone View Post
Serves lefty then plays righty

Anyways, if me or Greg played in Canada the competition would be soooooooo insuperior to ours here in the States that we would HONESTLY be some of the best Canadian juniors. I would like to see Ty Di come play in Texas or North Carolina. I think our state's worse players could beat Manitoba's best.

This is why there are no young American players coming up the ranks. Too many punks have this attitude about someone they've never seen play. Too many kids take their opponent's for granted and don't give any respect before the match and wonder why they get beaten.

Ozone, I don't know you, but this post shows your immaturity. A good tennis player should be humble or be humbled. The goal isn't to boast, but to improve and show how good you are on the court. Ty Di might kick your ass if you guys played, you don't know.

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