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Re: Groove Dude cheering thread

Another update here.

I'm in alabama now for the next month and a half to make some money working since Orlando has ZERO job opportunities. I'm fine-tuning my serve for it to become a fearsome weapon. I am concentrating on perfect ball tosses, extending my knee bend and back arch, and pushing off and exploding into the ball. Once I am able to do that consistently, I will focus on direction. Serve serve serve is my focus until late August when I head back to school.

This fall, when I get back to UCF, I plan on bulking up more in the gym and getting into much better shape. Mid-November is the pre-qualie event, followed by 6 futures events in Spring 2010. Depending on how well I do there (as well as my financial situation), I'll have some really tough decisions to make around next May. Stay in college if I can afford it? Go pro if the option is viable? Go into the military if all my financial means are dead-ends?

I have no idea, but shit is mad serious. I really want tennis to be my way out. I want to help out my parents, my friends that have been in jail and/or rehab. I want my star to rise fast. I want as many people as possible to know my story and draw inspiration from it, knowing that they too can succeed no matter how far the odds.

I want to look back on this very post in 12 months and be extremely proud of myself and what I've accomplished.


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