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S Wawrinka - 27 June 2009

Q. Looks as if you'll be playing Andy in the next round. What are your thoughts on that?

STANISLAS WAWRINKA: I think is gonna be a big match, for sure. Andy is playing very well. Since 12 month, he improve a lot his game. He's No. 3 in the world. To play him here at Wimbledon is gonna be a nice match, and I'm very happy to be back on Monday, I hope on Centre Court.

Q. How equipped do you feel to deal with the crowd and the support he will have?

STANISLAS WAWRINKA: No, he's playing great since he start the tournament. So I think he's okay with that.

Q. Have you had matches in your career comparable to it in terms of playing against a big player with a home crowd?

STANISLAS WAWRINKA: Not really. The last time I play Andy at the US Open on night session, but I lost in straight sets, so it was not a good match.

Q. Do you think you've improved since then?


Q. What particularly do you feel you've improved?

STANISLAS WAWRINKA: You know, I work a lot this winter and in February, so I'm very happy with my game. My serve is really better and I improve a lot my game when I go to the net.

Q. How difficult is it for not just you but players in general where Wimbledon has become so focused on Andy and the home interest?

STANISLAS WAWRINKA: And Roger. I think they are focus on two player. But that's the same in the other tournament. It is always Roger or Rafa. It's always the same, so it's not something difficult for me.

Q. You never played Andy on grass. Which of the two of you will it suit better?

STANISLAS WAWRINKA: I think he like playing on grass, but I'm not too bad on grass. So I'm very happy to play him for the first time on grass court, especially here in a Grand Slam.

Q. You're good friends, aren't you?

STANISLAS WAWRINKA: Yeah, of course we are good friend. We are practice a lot together, and last week we practiced together before the tournament.

But when you are on the match you focus on the game and you try to win the match. That's it.

Q. But you feel you know his game pretty well?


Q. Does that help?

STANISLAS WAWRINKA: We'll see. It's the same for him and for me, so...

Q. What is the most difficult thing for you about playing Andy, apart from his game?

STANISLAS WAWRINKA: I think he's just playing very good, so it's always hard to win the points. He's just a very good player.

Q. What do you need to do for yourself to succeed, to beat him?

STANISLAS WAWRINKA: To be very aggressive and to have a good serve, you know. Depends of the day. But if my serve is here, I have a chance to do some good work.

Q. What would be the biggest match you've ever played in your career so far, and how would this compare to the biggest match you've ever played?

STANISLAS WAWRINKA: Biggest match? You know, last year I play for the first time night session at US Open, and I think is a very big stadium. Is very hard to play for the first time there, so it was not a good experience for me.

But I learn a lot from that match, and I'm very happy to have such great experience on Monday.

Q. Do you think this will be a bigger occasion?


Q. So this will be the biggest one?

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