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Originally posted by Poe

you could take your own advice considering everything you just posted
I'm not the one complaining about wtaworld going down or any group of posters being the cause of it. My advice is if it is bothering you stop contributing to it. Unlike like some people I don't need to label an entire group of fans as the cause of anything.

When I don't want to argue I don't when I do want to I do. I sure don't pretend my enjoyment of anything is related to what any group says or does not say.

Like I said the people complaining about certain fans only did so to bait those particular fans in hopes of starting an argument while they talk out the side of their neck about how they are tired of this or that.

This thread was not about one poster or one group of fans but some have tried to make it that way so if this thread turns into a typical negative not worth anything kind of thread don't blame Williams fans blame those who started it.

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