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Re: Michael Jackson dead after cardiac arrest

People are so strange. Because of this sudden death, now this absolute lunatic is being revered as if he were freaking Bach or something.

Unless you are an American who bought all that bubblegum disgrace MJ churned out during the 70s and 80s, why would anyone ever call this guy "greatest entertainer in history" or something like that?

You people need some perspective in your lives. MJ was just a media phenomenon, without any musical quality. He was also a deeply disturbed person that would have been sent to a mental institution if he weren't rich and famous. Does anyone really think a guy who admitted having "sleepovers" with little children is sane? A guy who held a baby off a balcony?

Now you get those fake, phony messages of regret from guys who hated him just because they don't wanna lose the huge marketing tide that's about to come.

You gotta love the showbiz and the absurd lack of perspective always associated with it.
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