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Re: Michael Jackson dead after cardiac arrest

Originally Posted by adee-gee View Post
Absolutely distraught

My musical idol, one of my biggest regrets was that I never got to see him live. Then I got so excited when I got tickets for his London concert. I'm totally flat, I don't know what to say.

Thanks for all the genius music and dancing, greatest of all time. RIP.

I saw him live twice. The Bad tour and the Dangerous tour. I always wanted him to tone his concerts down because all you needed was good spotlights to just enjoy watching him dance and sing. He didn't need all the hoopla around him, I always thought.
To watch him do the moonwalk and dance right in front of you is magic. Sorry for those who will never see that.

I'm a bit gobsmacked with what happened to his life and how he changed into something I simply could not relate to at all but his music still stands rock solid and the artist in him will be missed.

Originally Posted by tangerine_dream View Post
That's one of the highlights of his career. Thanks for adding it, tangy. It was sheer magic and I do agree that it's hard to understand the impact of this performance unless you saw it at that time.

Originally Posted by Clara Bow View Post
I have to think that for many people who grew up in the 1980s- Michael Jackson is just part of our memories. I have so many memories connected to him. I remember the first time I saw a video with him- it was Billie Jean on the America's Top Ten TV show (remember that?) and I was so entranced. There used to be so many Michael Jackson products- clothing and lunch boxes, etc. I had a little sleevless shirt that had tiny little graphic MJ figurines with little glitterly gloves.

One of my families memories that we rehash when he have had too much to drink over the holidays is when my folks brought the Thriller album for me. After having it for a week I choregraphed a dance to "Thriller" (this was before the video was out). I performed it for my parents. In part if it I acted scared during one of Vincent Price's bits and my dad started to be annoyed and told me not to be such a scardy cat. I burst into tears and told him that I was acting and he was ruining the dance.
I grew up in the 80s as well.

Sometime in that decade, I visited my family in Germany and they had friends over from East-Germany. That was still at the time of the wall and the cold war and everything.
I had tapes with me of Michael Jackson (Thriller and Bad) to play in my walkman and this guy from E-Germany had seen them.
He approached me (through my family member because I hadn't learned German by that time yet) and asked me if he could sneak the tapes into E-Germany for his kids. They love Michael Jackson but it's very hard to get your hands on that music, he said.
So, I gave my tapes to him.
The next year, I was visiting my family again and this man was there again.
I asked him if his kids liked the tapes. "Are you kidding? They were over the moon with them" He told me about what sort of impact the tapes had: they had huge parties over the tapes. It spread like a wild fire that somebody had Michael Jackson tapes and they came from far to get a copy.

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