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Re: Michael Jackson dead after cardiac arrest

tangy- thanks for the link to the article.

I remember watching that performance when it was on TV when I was kid- and it was just so crazy when he did that. It was incredible.

I have to think that for many people who grew up in the 1980s- Michael Jackson is just part of our memories. I have so many memories connected to him. I remember the first time I saw a video with him- it was Billie Jean on the America's Top Ten TV show (remember that?) and I was so entranced. There used to be so many Michael Jackson products- clothing and lunch boxes, etc. I had a little sleevless shirt that had tiny little graphic MJ figurines with little glitterly gloves.

One of my families memories that we rehash when he have had too much to drink over the holidays is when my folks brought the Thriller album for me. After having it for a week I choregraphed a dance to "Thriller" (this was before the video was out). I performed it for my parents. In part if it I acted scared during one of Vincent Price's bits and my dad started to be annoyed and told me not to be such a scardy cat. I burst into tears and told him that I was acting and he was ruining the dance.

Sorry for the babbling- but his passing makes me remember my childhood. And reminds me as someone in my 30s how I am getting older and older and how far away my childhood is.

I do think it is a shame that he never seemed to get over whatever demons he got during his childhood. Frankly- he was an oddball with a total Peter Pan complex. But I do think he was a great talent. I don't know if people who were not around during his heyday realize what a huge deal he was at the time.

I like a lot of players.

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