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Re: The Green Green Grass of Home: Tournament Thread

Okay so I get there in the second set Everything is going well, but Viktor seems angry with something. I see it building up and building up inside of him, boiling just underneath the surface and then... the chair makes an awful awful awful overrule. A ball called in, was well in and it was overruled. And VIktor was not going to have any of that, so he starts arguing and tells the chair that there were like 5-6 bad calls. Meanwhile Tursunov/Kunitsyn are hanging around the net, kind of nodding, totally agreeing even

So then a few games later, they play a point and in the end a ball is called out, and Viktor is like, "OMG COME ON HERE." and the chair is like "viktor, it was out." and he's like "NO, OBVIOUSLY. I MEAN THE LET. DID YOU NOT HEAR THE LET." And the guy was like, well the machine didn't go off. And Viktor is like "BUT DID YOU HEAR IT HIT THE NET." and he's like "The machine didn't go off." so Viktor is like, "IGOR. DID YOU HEAR IT." And Kunitsyn is like "yeah." and they start discussing how this missed let call was even worse than some previous missed let call Eventually Viktor goes to the chair, "WHY ARE YOU EVEN HERE?" and so Tursunov is like laughing and goes to Viktor, "Because they need someone to sit in the chair. It's tradition" and then Viktor starts laughing and they start to play again. There's a considerable bit more arguing throughout the match and then Viktor's team finally wins and you know they all shake hands but when Viktor and Tursunov go to shake, they do, but they also kind of chitchat at the net and were discussing about whether to shake the chair's hand or not. Like kind of, "Well are you going to do it? If you don't I won't." but then in the end they both did

So it was fun to watch

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