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Re: France F9 [June 22 - Toulon - Clay] Qualifying Draw

Qualifying Draw

1st Round

A.Gensse [FRA/1] vs. Bye
P.Chappell [USA] vs. Bye
J.Allemby [GBR] vs. Bye
A.Hamard [FRA/14] vs. Bye

A.Tassart [FRA/2] vs. Bye
P.Atias [FRA] d. L.Paillusseau [FRA] 6-1 6-0
J.Lopes [FRA] vs. Bye
J.Giger [SUI/15] vs. Bye

K.De Schepper [FRA/3/w.c] vs. Bye
C.Homs [FRA] vs. Bye
J.Hilaire [FRA] vs. Bye
I.Ivanov [RUS/16] vs. Bye

K.Botti [FRA/4] vs. Bye
R.Mathieu [FRA] d. M.Chettar [FRA] 4-6 6-4 6-2
A.Musialek [FRA] vs. Bye
M.Abdulnour [SYR/11] vs. Bye

F.Reynet [FRA/5] vs. Bye
T.Paire [FRA] d. M.Mannarino [FRA] 7-5 6-3
V.Komlev [RUS] vs. Bye
G.Sakharov [UZB/13] vs. Bye

M.Teixeira [FRA/6] vs. Bye
T.Venturino [FRA] vs. Bye
J.Huber [AUT] vs. Bye
R.Bocaert [FRA/9] vs. Bye

J.Easton [AUS/7] vs. Bye
G.Courbard [FRA/w.c] d. A.Watt [GBR] 6-1 6-2
V.Teboul [FRA] vs. Bye
B.Maitre [FRA/10] vs. Bye

F-A.Vibert [FRA/8] vs. Bye
A.Joannier [FRA] d. P.Gernaud [AND] 7-6(2) 6-3
T.Proisy [FRA/w.c] vs. Bye
M.Roy [FRA/12] vs. Bye

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