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Re: Live match threads in GM

Originally Posted by Action Jackson View Post
You mean making things easier for yourself, that is what it comes down to. You think I haven't listened to your points at all, I have done that. I mean you think certain matches deserve special treatment and I don't think any of them do.

There are functions already set up for the usage of the issue you are raising, but because of inherent laziness of posters this should be changed. It's not going to improve the forum at all.
I keep telling you over and over that I don't think certain matches deserve special treatment. And I'll keep saying it until you stop using this fabricated piece of nonsense to discredit what I'm saying. I don't care what match anyone wants to create a WWW thread for. It could be challengers, futures, juniors, etc. One is no more deserving than the other. If that is what certain people are interested in, they should be free to discuss it in a WWW thread. In other words, all matches deserve the same treatment. It is simply down to what the posters on GM want. They can create a WWW thread for ANY match that interests them, just as they do now. The only difference is that they can discuss the match in the thread as it takes place.

So you clearly have not read my points. I keep telling you the same thing and you keep building up strawmen. No match deserves special treatment. I honestly cannot be any clearer. The fact is that you don't like someone giving out constructive criticism. You think I'm telling you how to do your job. Well, I'm not. I'm giving you suggestions and I'm certainly not the only one who's in favour of live match discussion on GM. That is the point of this forum. We give suggestions and you mull them over. You don't tell someone to basically piss off for giving suggestions.

All you want to do is cut down on traffic. That's just a bullshit reason, as far as I'm concerned. Talk about backwards logic. A website wants its main forum to be less popular? I honestly can't get my head around it.

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