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Re: Live match threads in GM

Originally Posted by Clydey View Post
Nice job twisting my words. That certainly wasn't what I said.

I said that most people are only interested in a select few matches. You only get so many WWW threads per round. You don't get a WWW thread for every match in the draw. Allowing live discussion won't randomly increase the number of WWW threads.
We can keep going round and round in circles. That is pretty much what it comes down to. Murray, Nadal, Federer and Djokovic have the big fan bases therefore if they are in any sort of trouble in their matches or doing something different tactically, then some thread will be started, when it can be discussed in the general area of the Livescores thread and doesn't need a separate thread.

I don't think it's common sense. I think it's common sense to use the threads that already exist. It's a good compromise, but I'm not going to sit here and pretend that it's a better idea. It's better for the moderators, since it's easier to moderate. It's not necessarily better for the posters, who perhaps want to discuss a specific match. But hey, I'm not a moderator around here. I just think this could improve the forum. I think it would be a great thing for GM.
It's commonsense, because there are rules that have to be observed, if clowns want to curse, bitch and jinx players, then do it in the Gamblers Lounge and not on GM, but that will be lost on some people.

Sounds like you want special and specific treatment for some reason. I am sorry 4 matches what for, when there are plenty of others going on at the same time at a Slam, so they should deserve threads as well. They don't deserve special status, it's not that hard to talk about matches in OOP or Livescores thread, once the one you want is over, either watch the next or go do something else.

You want convenience for yourself, but wanting to have a go at the mods at the same time.

On Nadal bumping him on the changeover, Rosol said: "It's ok, he wanted to take my concentration; I knew he would try something".

Wilander on Dimitrov - "He has mind set on imitating Federer and yes it looks good. But he has no idea what to do on the court".

Originally Posted by Filo V. View Post
I definitely would have preferred Gaba winning as he needs the points much more, but Jan would have beaten him anyway. I expect Hajek to destroy Machado, like 6-1 6-2.
Machado wins 6-2 6-1
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