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Re: Live match threads in GM

Originally Posted by Action Jackson View Post
More matches are on offer, therefore there are going to be more threads, that isn't hard to work out.
Yes, but there are not going to be any more WWW threads there are for any other slam. People only create WWW threads for matches that interest them. They aren't going to create 64 WWW threads just for the hell of it. And how many people do you think are going to be discussing matches based on live scores? They'll be discussing the handful of matches that are televised.

The server is fucking cheap and not going to get any better. So why is it impossible for you to use the respective tournament forum? There have to be some valid reasons for it. There are a lot more than 4 mens matches going on at a Slam at the same time barring rain in the first 2 rounds.
It's not impossible. It's just a dumb idea used to reduce traffic. No one uses those threads. The forum should be looking to be as popular as possible. Like I said, the WWW threads already exist. All you would be doing is extending their use to live match discussion. Every other forum seems to handle it. And if this server is so shit, what on earth are they doing charging members for certain privileges?

If you think I'm wrong, do a trial run over the first week of Wimbledon. If we end up with 64 WWW threads, I'll be fucking blown away and I'll concede that I was wrong. Put your theory to the test. And if I'm wrong, I'm wrong. You can just put live match discussion in the tournament forum.

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