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Re: •°o*Wisdom is a Woman, and Loves only a Warrior/ the Castle, vol.5

Originally Posted by infinityfed View Post
Pfloyd who are your fav players?
Would not like to give a dull answer, but I guess I have to:

I've always admired tennis, and I've played it since a young age (though I suck at it, Blaze-2004 can confirm that).

One day my uncle told me to turn on ESPN and it was Nadal vs Federer the Miami final, after watching that I became a Nadal follower.

Since then I've learned to like many players including Blake, Hewitt, Tsonga, Youhnzy and many others.

I never understood why liking Federer or Nadal automatically makes you "hate" the other in this site. It's not like they are teams, they are just players.

I certainly admire Federer's record, but I think Nadal is more fun to watch. Why the success of one player ought to bother me, I don't know.

Anyway, enough about me, which are your favorite players?

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