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Re: The poker thread

Originally Posted by P. Antonius View Post
Gus would certainly fit such a lineup, indeed, though he tends to tighten up and gets owned when he faces some good LAG players. I'd rather pick a sick guy such as Minieri instead (if he's not playing scared money).

PLO is certainly more fun due to the bigger action, but not sure it'd really fit a TV show... Variance is also bigger than in NLHE.

Daniel got some set up/tough beats in the first HSP seasons (vs Gus and Lindgren) but got totally pwned by the internet players in the recent seasons...

It's amazing that Doyle has been a winner from all HSP seasons so far, playing his weak passive game... Ok, big papa can read, I'll give him that...
Minieri is a sick guy true that, but just like you mentioned you cant play scared money against these guys

they actually played PLO in the televised Aussie Millions Cash game show and HU between Dwan and Antonius, I think it went pretty good

Negranus had a lot of bad beats in the first 2 seasons thats true, but his constant talk and i am so funny attitude didnt help him at all the last 2 seasons where just got owned( his talk and bad play against Benyamines quads in particular)

Brunson is just so damn boring, tight and complains as much as anyone at the table... really annoys me
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