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Re: Grass Season 2009

I just got back from Halle

And my report can be short
The match against Melzer; they both didn't play very well. At first Arno started well, but overall it wasn't an exciting match to watch. Every time I wanted to take a pic, the point was already played... Don't think I have a lot of decent ones Also lots of complaining on both sides, Melzer ssssh-ing the crowd, Arno and the ballkids of course...
The highlight was that Arno attacked me (not on purpose) during that match Melzer's serve was really hard and Arno mishit, firing that ball directly at me. I was looking for something in my bag and suddenly felt a ball hitting the back of the chair pretty hard, I felt the wind on my back. I heard Arno say "hopla", so I looked up and he gave me the cutest smile I still thank my labello, because I didn't think I could've avoided that ball

Doubles with Rainer: I looooooooooooooooove them together
They were smiling a lot and it really looked like they had a lot of fun together. I was happy to be at that match, it was really nice to watch. I do hate rain delays, because his doubles today should start at 12:00 and when we had to leave around 16:00, they still weren't on court

And now the really big news:
Bruno was with him
And he will be in Rosmalen too!
I really like seeing them together, they look so cute when walking to the training courts

Other than that there's nothing exciting to tell you guys... Or you should be interested in me beating Andreas Beck at the showstage, shooting balls trough holes in a wall I got 1 in out of 6, he got none And I don't even play tennis

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