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Re: The poker thread

Originally Posted by MoNey On My MiNd View Post
that was insane and absolutely brilliant from Dwan, on the other hand a scared play Eastgate folding his trips, Tom knew exactly where he was at in that play and bet Doyle that Peter gave up the best hand

that was brilliant, kid got game
Sick reading by Durrrr here, indeed... Eastgate's mistake is on the flop imo, he should definitely have reraised, Dwan wouldn't have gone over the top and probably folded. By just calling the 30k$ on the flop and basically told the other guys his hand... trips no kicker... Dwan took advantage of the big stacks (Dwan and Eastage had around 500k$ each when the hand started). Eastage was either "way ahead or way behind" and he knew it. Eastage felt like he wouldn't want to invest his entire stack (he invested less than 10% of it so far) on such situation and chose to fold on the turn. Dwan could have had possibly only 3 hands in his range at this point: tens full, better trips (something like A2) or air... He took the wrong decision in the end, but I'm sure he would've made a far bigger mistake had he been stacked off by better trips (or tens full).
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