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Re: The Chat Thread: Part 2

Originally Posted by mimi View Post
i always wanted to learn Yoga or Tai Chi? but no time, you know, i used to arrive late after work, I guess swimming may also help, I used to swim in the public swimming pool of my brother's building, but now he has moved to Taikooshing, seems there is still a public swimmign pool, but it takes 20 mintues of walk just to go there, too far away from home, i guess i have to go to the public swimming pool in Victoria Park from now on (i just went there yesterday) but very crowded , i have to use breast stroke to avoid being kicked by others (see things around more clearly, cannot do so if swimming in free stroke)

thanks again, I will listen to your advice, try to be more calm and not over-reacting
Mimi, dont get disheartened so soon. try that swimming if possible on alternate days, that should allow you to relax and take things easily. also try doing your hobbies at home, spend some half hour on it every day. that should do wonders.

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