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Heia!.. Salut & congratulations!!!! I just haven’t enough words, emotions only... Today it was ... I can’t describe it! I can’t believe.. if it really was or ?.. Oh, mein Gott! Well, try to keep calm.
So the story is next. I came this day 28.10 to SCC at 1pm (first matches began at 3pm). Firstly, I watched a part of match between Safin and Labadze and our heads of government. Then I went to 2nd court to watch if somebody trains there and... there were Arnaud, Micka, their coaches (what a nice guys!! I want the same cool coach!! Although my coach is also just “gold” and unique...) and 3 other athletes who had gone out soon. So for about 30 minutes I was there with french guys only! Once I helped them with balls =) And after this training I walked with Arnaud and talk to him... Via, thank you very much for you words about stick to English. At first, I didn’t receive it seriously because I know this fact “you think you're pretty good at french” and always practise it but I thought that in my case it’s impossible to be pretty good at French. And it’s really so. Situation is (or perhaps was?.. now I’m not sure=) next: French is my 4th foreign language after English, German and Norwegian, but I have never learnt it!!.. only have wanted. But when I was the summer traditionally in sport lager, between trainings there was nothing to do so I usually read books and when I had read all of them I read French students book... Only read but never learnt anything. So at Autumn I have nothing remembered. But followed by Via’s recommendation all words that I remembered in French variant I said in French, other in English.. And everything was fantastic! So I asked Arnaud about Sebastien. He said that he wasn’t sure if Seb really was going to play in Rotterdam and next year at all.... But also Arnaud said that Seb was really at home with his family and everything was good with him, he was ok. Arnaud told about Sebastien with a part of sorrow but not so sad and convinced me that Seb was happy and everything would be good. Also he said he was looking forward to wild card in Bercy. And he enjoys St. Petersburg and will come here next year if it’ll be possible. Well, then I watched nice match Karlovic – Korretja but before the beginning og 2nd set I went to support Micka in his match against Kohlman in singles. And there I met again Arnaud with his coach! So I joined to them and we supported Micka together. Then i talked some more to Arnaud (until he said “see you!”=) And he has really seen me again on his match in doubles when I joined to their coaches with my flag and had just fantastic time enjoiing their perfect playing manner. After match I has congratulated (in French yet!) all 4 frenches with victory =) Yeahhhh!!
Now Michael and Cyril in ¼ final, and Clement/Llodra in ½ final!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by Via st petersburg... you don't live there do you?
Why not? Saint-Petersburg is my favorite city and one of the most beautiful places in the world!!!! But really and fortunately (because of ecology and lots other aspects)I live in SPb's suburb in 20 km from the city (officially it's also a part of SPb).

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