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Up close and personal with Nikolay Davydenko
Sunday, May 31, 2009
By Eric Frosio

Here at we know you love to get an insight into the real person behind the tennis star facade. Here, in the fifth of a series of quick-fire lifestyle interviews, two-time French Open semi-finalist Nikolay Davydenko reveals his admiration for Ivan Lendl and Igor Andreev.

Who is your sporting idol?
Ivan Lendl. He was the best.

Whatís your favourite sport outside tennis?
Fishing. Some people think itís just a hobby, but for me itís a sport. Iíve caught 10kg barracudas off Mauritius before. It was fantastic.

Whatís your least favourite training exercise?
Jogging. Itís a necessary evil, but I hate it.

Whoís your best friend on the circuit?
Igor Andreev. He was my doubles partner in the Davis Cup. Heís a great guy.

Which part of your game would you like to improve?
Iíd like to get stronger and have more stamina. Like Nadal!

Whatís the last thing you do before you go to sleep?
I watch TV, preferably Russian programmes.

Whatís the best concert youíve seen?
It was in Abu Dhabi on New Yearís Eve. I took part in an exhibition and then went to a Shakira concert in a 7 star hotel. It was the most amazing show Iíve ever seen.

What do you have on your iPod?
Scorpions, BeckÖI also like house music and remixes of cult songs.

Who would be your ideal partner for mixed doubles?
My wife. We play together during the holidays. Sheís not very good, but if I chose anyone else Iíd be in trouble!

When was your first kiss?
There have been so many I canít remember!

What was your favourite film in 2008?
The Transporter.

Which actor would you choose to play you on screen?
Jason Statham, the lead actor in The Transporter.

When did you last spend big with your prize money?
I donít Ė my wife spends it. Thatís why Iím still on the tour [laughs].

Whoís the nicest guy on tour?
Theyíre all really nice: Federer, Nadal. All of the guys in the top 100 are cool. But if you asked me which one was the best looking Iíd say Feliciano Lopez. Everyone thinks heís gorgeous, with his blue eyes and curly hair.

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