- Announcements in Forum : Western & Southern Financial Group Masters
Announcements in Forum : Western & Southern Financial Group Masters
11-06-2016 until 12-21-2016
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ACC 2016, hosted by Ragnar Lothbrok.

'ACC' stands for Arseclown Contest. The contest is held for the entertainment of MTF posters while the tennis season is breaking. In the contest, any poster with over 300 posts may vote on who they consider the 'worst' on the boards - there is no provided criteria for who is the worst, anyone can vote on whatever principle they want.

This year's ACC is divided into 2 phases: Nomination and Voting.
Please note, there will be NO QUALIFYING this year. Only the top 128 enter.

This post shall be updated throughout the contest with easy links to view results, and shall be archived later.
NB: These links are only accessible for registered members of the forum, with over 300 posts.


Official Reviews

Read before posting!

R1 Top Half:
R1 Bottom Half:
R2 Top Half:
R2 Bottom Half:
R3 Top Half:
R3 Bottom Half:
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