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S. WAWRINKA/N. Devilder

6‑3, 5‑7, 2‑6, 6‑4, 6‑4

An interview with:


THE MODERATOR: Questions in French, please.

Q. Could you analyze your match?

STANISLASWAWRINKA: Well, the analysis is easyenough to make. I have a feeling that Istarted off well. I had a good tactic inplace, and then I sort of lost sight of what I had to do, and I wanted tokeep ‑‑ sometimes I wanted to keep him on his baseline. Sometimes I wanted to be aggressive, and Ilost sight, and this is when he started playing well, and he imposed hisgame. He managed to have me do what hewanted me to do.

Q. At 4‑1 in the fourth set, what do you think? Do you think, well, it's over?

STANISLASWAWRINKA: No, you never want to thinkit's over before the match point, but I knew I wasn't on the right track. That was clear. That was obvious.

I tried to be a bitmore aggressive. I tried already at 3‑Love. I had two break points, and I wanted to playas I had played at the beginning of the match, to be real aggressive and tohave no hesitation taking the balls very early on. And when I managed to do that, I reallydominate the game.

Q. Do you have any explanation of why you lost sight of your tactic?

STANISLASWAWRINKA: Well, that's his strongpoint. That's why he's 60th player inthe world. If you look at the game, thefirst set, you feel I'm going to win easily, and this is not the case. He tried everything to make me play badly,and this is what happened today. I lostsight of my game, and I managed to pull through at the last minute.

Q. And this being a first round in a Grand Slam tournament, did it have anyimpact, because it's Roland Garros? Canit play raw?

STANISLASWAWRINKA: Well, I always said that. It's never obvious to play a first round in aGrand Slam. You feel you're in thetournament because I arrived early on, but if you have any doubts with regardsto your game, you pay the hard price immediately in the match, and this is whythe first round in a Grand Slam is never easy for anybody.

Q. You proved your record for matches won in five sets. Can you explain how you can be thatstrong? Is it your physical ability?

STANISLASWAWRINKA: Well, I always said I likedmatches in five sets. Physically I feelstrong, stronger than a large majority of players.

So it gives me a rightto make a mistake if I may. I can affordto lose two sets and win the match.

Q. That was a long match. What didyou learn from this first round?

STANISLASWAWRINKA: Well, I'm pleased. I know that my game is there. I know that when I practice, I feel good. I hope that with this match I have learnedfor the next round. I'll do everything Ican to achieve that. Although it was adifficult first round, I had to do everything I could to win it, and I need tomove forward with the next match.

Q. Eight games in a row that you lost between the second and the third set,what was in your mind at that time?

STANISLAS WAWRINKA: Well, that was tough. I mean, I had no solutions, no answers. I tried to relax, but he also relaxed. Then you need to refocus on the game andthink about more simple things.

Q. From a physical standpoint, if you compare what you're doing to what youwere doing two years ago, what have you improved from the physical standpoint?

STANISLASWAWRINKA: Well, I improved a lot. When it comes to changing the rhythm, thepace on such surfaces, there are many of those changes in rhythm, and I feelmuch stronger. I feel I can reactfaster. I feel better, and I can imposethese changes. I'm physically fit to dothat.

Q. In the fifth set, everybody knows that you can be very strong. Do you think this has an impact on the wayyour opponents behave?

STANISLASWAWRINKA: Well, maybe it has, becausethey know ‑‑ they know that I'm always present there for a fifth set, andI usually play very well during the fifth set, so maybe it has an influence.

Q. Next opponent is Massu. You'veplayed him twice in 2005, and never since then?

STANISLASWAWRINKA: Well, I played him here inRoland Garros. I won in four sets. He's a player who had very good years in2004/2005. Then he went down in theranking. He lost confidence. But since the beginning of this season, he'sback up, back on the upward trend. He'swon a few matches here and there, but I've not seen him playing for a whilenow.

Q. This season on clay, you've never lost when you played opponents with alower ranking than yours. How can youexplain this progress? You now have kindof a margin of safety with regards to these people.

STANISLASWAWRINKA: Well, it's hard work andexperience. I worked very hard. My tennis and my physical condition. I played many matches, different matches ondifferent tournaments with pressure, without pressure, and it's true thatexperience teaches you how to better manage these types of matches.

Q. I saw most of your family here. Are they all here, parents, brothers, sisters?

STANISLASWAWRINKA: Well, there were my parentsand younger sister. She was here today,but she's leaving tonight, but it's important.

Q. Four hours out there on the court. What goes on in your mind? Youmust be nervous, then disappointed, then aggressive.

STANISLAS WAWRINKA: No. Itried to remain focused, even if I was very much disappointed with mygame. I tried to refocus to become moreaggressive, to feel the pressure less. Ihad a break very early, and then at 4‑2, everyone would think I could turn thesituation easily, and then this is what I did. I managed to be aggressive enough to reverse the situation.

Q. Hey, your nose is all burnt by the sun. You played without wearing a hat, without putting any cream on yourface, sunscreen. Is it important or isit something you don't want to think about during the match?

STANISLASWAWRINKA: Having a red noseafterwards? Well, trust me, I know if Iplay for four hours in the sun, I know that I walk out with a red nose, whetherI put some sunscreen or not. So it's nota big problem. I'm used to it.

Q. Let's come back to what you have in mind before you walk on the courtwhen it's Grand Slam tournament. Thismorning at 11:00, roughly, how did you feel? Were you a bit more nervous because this is a Grand Slam, or were youjust like before?

STANISLASWAWRINKA: Well, this morning, I waspretty confident, and the proof of that is I had a very good start. I went 6‑3 with a double break, and I hadbreak points on his serve, but knowing it's a Grand Slam, you want to dobetter, but I know that I feel stronger than my opponents over a match in fivesets.

Q. We had the feeling that you gave in the third set. Is it because you feel strong in five setsand you think, okay, I might as well give him this one, because I'm stronger?
STANISLASWAWRINKA: No, it doesn't make anydifference. If I could avoid playing allmatches in five sets, I would.

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