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I translated an interview with Stan:

"I'm satisfied where I'm standing"

After Roger Federer Stanislas Wawrinka is the #2 in Swiss tennis. He seeks for a place in the top 10 of world tennis, which he has been a member of in 2008. The 24 years old answered the questions in an interview shortly before the French Open.

On Sunday Roland Garros is starting in Paris. Does this tournament especially lie at your heart?

Stanislas Wawrinka: Yes, Paris is my favourite tournament. The matches there were the ones which I was able to watch the most on tv during my youth. And it is a Grand Slam which is played on clay. Because I was able to win the tournament in 2003 as a junior it is something special for me.

Is this junior title another pressure for you when you appear in Paris?

No. Just because I was able to win here as a junior that doesn't mean I'm going to triumph at the big tournament. That's two different worlds. A good junior doesn't automatically become a Grand Slam winner at the elite.

You have said that clay isn't only your favourite surface any more. Why?

I made huge progresses on the other surfaces. I'm feeling good everywhere. Clay stays the surface where the best players make the less problems for me because I'm able to read their game better there. It has to be said that there has been a development on the surfaces at the tournaments. They have become slower.

When you won in 2006 in the final of Umag against Novak Djokovic he has been widely unknown. Today the Serbian has won a Grand Slam tournament with the Australian Open and plays amongst the top of the rankings. You are currently the #18 and want to get back into the top 10...

To say that I want to win a Grand Slam would be quite bold. Yes, I have won the tournament in Umga, but Novak has always been better as me. Therefore I don't have any problems to see where he is today and where I am. I'm not jealous of him. I'm satisfied where I'm standing today and I'm working continually to get better.

It seems as there is only seperating you very little from the absolute best players in the rankings. It's mainly about details. What do you need to get to the next level?

I'm lacking one or the other victory against those top players. The matches against Djokovic in Monte Carlo or in Madrid against Del Potro have been really close. It's only a question of trust. I'm making progresses, that's for sure, but also the other guys...

Your victory against Federer in Monte Carlo is one of those victories which brings you to the front, right?

Yes, even though I know like everyone else that he wasn't in a good form that day. But of course it is good for the self-confidence. As a result is is a victory against Federer.

Where are the differences between you and the top 5?

Those guys are always present and reaching the final stage of a tournament. They neither doubt their game nor their level. It's all about that.

You are 24 years old. What are your aims? Do you want to be #1? Do you dream of winning at certain tournaments?

To be #1 is for now no aim for me. I try my best, invest a lot and hope to get back into the top 10. That is my first aim. I have many dreams, but I keep them for myself.

How do you see the "slump" of Federer, which he has been into lately? Do you talk with him about this phase?

Firstly I have the impression that he isn't that bad. Beside this: Doesn't he just have won a big tournament? It's mainly the public and the media who rate his situation as disastrous. But he is still the #2 in the world! He has won so much that people weren't used to see him losing. It happens that we talk about it, but he is experienced enough to handle the situation.

Source of original article:
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