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Re: Benoit Paire

L'Equipe today:

You've got your answer, Renaud, he did have a MP in the 2nd set!

A summary:
His coach Prigent says that he is destabilizing for everybody on a tennis court.
And off court too. He's a right-hander on the court and writes with the right hand, but is a leftie in football and in petanque.
He comes from Avignon (in the South of France) and is a huge OM fan.
Only ranked #608, but well-known in French tennis, especially for his crazy stories. One day he didn't want to go to a tournament. His coach insisted, Benoit took his 3 racquets, broke them and said: 'And now, are we still going?'
It doesn't mean he's impertinent, though. He just has character. And he's never scared.
Against Elgin for example. He was on the brink of the abyss in the 3rd set, facing 3 MP after having wasted a MP in the 2nd set. But he saved them with style, with a FH dropshot from the baseline and two S&V, won that game and the match. Standing ovation from the crowd. Elgin was disgusted and needed a cigarette after the match to settle his nerves.
Benoît is an outstanding player. Prigent: "He likes the game. He always wants to play a beautiful point. He has a very good serve, a beautiful two-handed BH and he's very clever at the net. But he has incredible ups and downs. The Jedi of Star Wars. For me he's like Luke Skywalker when he started. I need to take him over to the good side of the Force. The only difference is that his role isn't to save the world, but to make the most out of his potential... which is huge."
He's not mad, he just likes to tempt fate. "People must think I'm crazy. My philosophy: if I have to play a point, try to play a beautiful one, non? But I've calmed down. I'm better managed since I entered the CNE in November. The win over Elgins is my best memory so far, I had never played in front of so many people. I'm just one win away from the main draw. I'll have to beat Fognini now to keep my dream going. It's a big challenge, I know, but I prefer to play against a guy like him."

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