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Re: The Chat Thread: Part 2

hi greg

pfff, you are right, this uncile toni and rafa are so foolish, they should either skip Barcelona or Madrid, now he is injured and may not be able to defend his FO title . I guess either Roger or Nole may win, and our poor Pete's records will go

by the way, how is Univrrsity and life? your fellow tennis player (sorry i never can remember their names ) was playing well in Serbia, how is he doing now?

Rafa! Rafa! Rafa!

Epic movies, like brokeback mountain, are seldom found in the industry or worthy for the mainstream viewer. As often as I have watched the clips of this movie, I always find something more to it. For one, the gay stuff doesn't enter the picture for me, only the dimension of the highest love I have ever witnessed in life or on film.
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