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Re: Qué Será, Será - Buena suerte a Madrid Roger

Wilander mentioned a few years ago that Federer let Nadal get to him with his idiosyncrasies. He said that if Federer really wanted to win RG, he would have to try to get at Nadal. McEnroe said basically the same things during the RG telecasts.

At this point, Roger might be willing to try anything. During their head-to-head meetings, Federer simply waits politely for Nadal to serve, waits at the net for the toss, waits 10 seconds between 1st and 2nd serve. and so on. A simple disruption of patterns might do something to Nadal, but it's highly unlikely.

Everyone is in love with his tactics yesterday, and there were certainly some that he executed better than he usually does i.e. the bh dtl, but for the most part, he won because he was able to play well on the BP's and Nadal wasn't. He attempted to shorten the points at last year's RG, but was missing, and it resulted in a massacre. Everyone thought his strategy was awful then.

A lot of their previous matches might have turned out differently if Nadal missed shots on BP or BP down, or if Federer came up with good shots. If he had missed on his two BP chances, or even his first one, THIS match might have turned out differently. Just like in Rome '06, Federer was able to get out to a lot of leads on his service games i.e. 30-0, 30-15 and gain confidence from that. I'm not sure he'll be able to do that at a possible RG encounter. He's never been able to get out to leads on his service games at RG against Nadal.
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