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Re: Qué Será, Será - Buena suerte a Madrid Roger

Originally Posted by anon57 View Post
Roger was probably thinking all that work, I finally win and I still get a plate, I've got plenty of those
Yeah. He was probably like "A plate? Again? Did they like switch the trophies or something?"

Originally Posted by rofe View Post
I am trying to figure out why he didn't go into panic mode and the only explanation I can think of is that this is the first time that he felt like an underdog going into a match against Nadal.
Yeah.. I kept thinking he'll choke when he was 15-40 down when serving it out.. But he didn't.. Wherever this came from, hope it stays

Originally Posted by Rita View Post
I don't get why some rafa fans are being so bitter its not RG ffs, Rafa will probably go on to win RG but just let us enjoy this win
I know.. Sourgrapes much?

Originally Posted by Corey Feldman View Post
15,000 crowd at Wimbledon cheered when they heard the Federer result

Originally Posted by Celaeno View Post
Roger, darlin, well frigging done. No one deserved this more than you.
Eve How have you been?

Originally Posted by Dirk View Post
Roger really made me happy today. I know Nadal was tired but he was even more tired at Hamburg last year and Roger f**ked that up royally and at Wimbly as well. Today Roger played his game and played it wisely and with patience. His BK held up and he was going for more down the liners plus he moved his slice around more. I was nervous Roger would blow after making some dumb errors in the final game but he kept his cool and won it which is not something we have seen for awhile. I was getting sick of watching him hand Novak wins this year but this definitely makes up for it. Roger played so badly with Andy then played two great matches back to back so I have hope that he can make a change into his Ninja gear more often than not.
Hi Dirk, It's been a while since we saw you here. Life is so much easier for him when his BH DTL works.

Originally Posted by MissMoJo View Post
Yay! 1st title of the year I'm glad for the first time in a long time that I gave in like I usually do after promising not to watch one of these finals again
Me too Told myself not to watch, but watched anyway. And am I happy now that I did

Originally Posted by Mellow Yellow View Post
Short interview with Swiss newspaper Blick. Basically Roger says his tactic of keeping Nadal waiting at the start of the match and electing to receive was on purpose. Basically said players allow Nadal to determine his rhythm too much.
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