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A Place to Vent

Searched the forum for something similar. Came up empty. Hope I'm not duplicating.

But I need to vent.

GullDangIt! I hate losing to a ringer. I play in this "Ladies Who Lunch But Play Tennis First" league where my partner and I have enjoyed a modicum of success. So here comes the last match of the Spring Season...we're riding high and doing well in our other leagues matches (Club Challenge and USTA). And WHAM! We lose 10-3 (it's a doubles "pro" set). We haven't been that drubbed in ages. And to a freakin' lefty and a tall chick. Oh sure, they were steady gals, and we were having troubles with some of our normal shots...but still. Then come to find out...tall-gal...hasn't played with them all season long. Then shows up on the last day. Yeah riiiiight.

Technically, I don't think there's been any misconduct but it sure does burn. Mostly because we got smoked...on the court...where it counts. But something about it just rubs the wrong way.

Bah. Humbug.

So vent all you

I love my girls.
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