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Re: your march to glory begins at the castle / are you a tennis warrior

Originally Posted by infinityfed View Post
*big sigh of relief*


Good, because she is a really nice person, I chat to her a lot. But I realised she was one of the people who did object to the thread, hence why asked.
I tried to discuss certain things with her, but at a certain point it was obvious that there was no way for me left to convince her of my point of view. That happens, no bad feelings, as long as I'm concerned.

I'm sorry but conspiracies=
I have to disagree with you here. It was pretty disgusting for me to have to witness people actually agreeing with me all through the 2006-2007 period, to suddenly turn away from me 180 degrees without any other reasoning thinkable other than that I had in fact predicted that one Rafa Nadal would take over Fed's #1 position at that time.
I thought that to be inevitable, I was called out to be a heretic.

And yes, I have no doubts whatsoever that the Troops were called right after that, to rid out those heretics who ever said anything kind about Raf - as I did.

But I believe the Fed fo has been more open for discussion as of late and people aren't by any means brainwashed or blind fans. Just check the tournament threads and you'll realise. I mean even Nadal is being discussed (who, as you might know has many "nicknames")...unless MY of course jumps in and tells us all off..
Well I am happy to know that.
Perhaps I'll even join in soon again.

Hey, Nadine, nothing bad intentioned.

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