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Re: Your Favourite Shot?

Originally Posted by Angle Queen View Post
I know I responded earlier with a "angled volley" as my favorite "shot."

But in my last two (doubles) matches, I've pulled off my favorite "constructed" point.

Serving from the deuce side. Get a medium pace return to my alley that I then lob over the net player in their ad side to force the receiver to cover. Weak lob return.

BOOM. Overhead winner from me angled behind the net person (now on the deuce side and still wondering what's happening).

Mayhap a bit cheesy with the lob thing...but effective as hell (at the Club level ).
Wow, great stuff

Worth a new thread I think. We can give each other tips of point construction. I'm pretty good at constructing points in singles but stink at doubles, where I play a very predictable game by comparison, so could use some good, solid advice from a pro like yourself, Angle Queen
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