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Re: Version 2: The "Go Home, you are so bad, don't talk to me you f*cking idiot" Chat

Originally Posted by wacked82 View Post
yeah i know. i went to south of chile and saw them for myself, tall blonde people talking spanish is funny site.

i finally get to watch this krajinovic kid, see how really good he is.
Yes, even speaking with the Chilean accent, it would be funny to see. I remember we had the Chilean U-21 field hockey team here and the vast majority were German descents. It's like the Oktoberfest is huge in Blumenau.

Originally Posted by Peta Pan View Post
Well it's true.. and when I had the meal from his family's restaurant I had beef. I just don't like pork meals.... and if I have special fried rice I pick all the pork out of it. Give me a pork roast or a pork chop though and it's almost the best meat around!!
(My favourite meat is venison these days. Had never tasted it before the Alaskan cruise 2 years ago )

Oh wow... I'm coming over for dinner
Pork, you'd love Eastern Europe, there is no shortage of pork in the meals there.

Yes, I miss good quality Norwegian venison and as for you coming over to dinner, of course.

On Nadal bumping him on the changeover, Rosol said: "It's ok, he wanted to take my concentration; I knew he would try something".

Wilander on Dimitrov - "He has mind set on imitating Federer and yes it looks good. But he has no idea what to do on the court".

Originally Posted by Filo V. View Post
I definitely would have preferred Gaba winning as he needs the points much more, but Jan would have beaten him anyway. I expect Hajek to destroy Machado, like 6-1 6-2.
Machado wins 6-2 6-1
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