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dunlop 4d 500 tour vs. wilson k blade 98


after 2 years of an injury lay-off i want to restart playing tennis. Before I injured myself I played tennis for about 5 years. I am now 19 years old and rather the small and slim type. To describe my skills I would say that my techniques are ok, means that I can play all styles (as a teenager I played in a team and we succeeded well). But I am not the one who can hit balls very hart over a longer period of time and the balls do not always land where I want them to. Now I want to play about 3 times a week and I want to improve my skills (particularly to create more stability).

I want to buy a new racket hence I need your help! I consider two rackets, the dunlop 4d 500 tour or the wilson k.blade 98. My last two rackets were the i.radical und a muscleweave dunlop. In this forum the k blade seems to be very popular. Has anyone tested the new 4d 500 tour? Didn't found a review yet. What strings do you suggest for the dunlop 4d 500 tour? I thought about hybrid strings like babolat hurricane/VS or hurricane/Xcel.

Sorry for sporadicly bad english

I would be thankful for help mates!
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