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Re: Magic (fabulous, pure talent...) JRL - Jean René Lisnard thread

Originally Posted by Nathaliia View Post
I think Glenn wouldn't suit there

So was it not a forum before? How does it work?
Glenn would be thrown away from there in 10 minutes. GugaF1 from here was banned by Bruno De Rossi because of constant Saretta bashing

There's this site Orkut, which is similar to Facebook, that is largely used in Brazil. There you can create "communities" which work like separated forums. One of them was the "Fúria Verde-Amarela" community, created by Bruno to be the first cheering organization of worldwide tennis. It was so funny during a long time, but I mean, I was being too ufanist and cheering blindly to all Brazilian players. Most users there were insulting foreigners which I never took part of, but I always remained quiet. In the end of 2007 it was beginning to bother me already and in São Paulo challenger of 2008 there was the big thing about the banner, which De Rossi made, sent me and I had to show in the courts. Anyway, I didn't meet the guys who were supposed to go and the banner was ridiculous, so I didn't opened it. Bruno got mad and was a little bit harsh to me so I decided to leave the community, which was already in my mind. Now I could never be part of it as I totally disagree with the things that are posted there (actually non-users don't have access anymore so I don't know how things are going). Anyway I could see the community description a month ago and it was scary hilarious stuff, like I said yesterday. It had itens like:

-It's forbidden to insult any Brazilian player;
-Brazilians are always better than foreigners, no matter what happens and who wins the match;
-Those who insult Saretta will be painfully banned from here.

That's why I said it sounded like an AIB manifest (AIB was the fascist faction back in Brazilian history).

Sure it had its nice things, it was a nice place to support the Brazilians, read funny invented stories by De Rossi (he made a legendary André Ghem US Open blog once), watch his videos of Saretta (he made one where he used a Saretta mask and riding one of those spinning bikes with an Avril Lavigne song, unreal stuff), writing the whole Brazilian hymn during Júlio Silva's GS qualy matches, following early matches from Australia with "Fúria services" like coffee suggestions and stuff or receiving SMS messages with Roland Garros scores, but all in all I couldn'y stay anymore.

Sorry for going this off-topic
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