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Re: Tennis pros on twitter

^^ I have new favorite Andy Tweet:

practice is done... food!
about 1 hour ago from web

Now his wife is Tweeting too.

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Reporting from the Jock-o-Sphere: is the next step for setting the scene on athletes who tweet

by Ryan Corazza

Until last week, athlete tweets were like the stars before the invention of the telescope: plentiful, but hard to identify. Twitter's search engine is weak, and fake accounts are plentiful.

The brainchild of the folks behind, the goal of the site is to serve as a holding pen for most -- if not all -- genuine athlete tweets on Twitter. It's currently at 143 accounts and counting.

"I've referred to the athlete-driven Twitter feeds as the best reality show not on TV," SportsFanLive CEO David Katz says. "You read what these people are writing and for the first time you get this unvarnished, authentic glimpse into the lives of these athletes that we follow on TV and watch in the games."

"Athlete Tweets is an attempt, in a user-friendly way, to present a really compelling experience for fans which are these live athlete feeds, without them having to go to Twitter."

For now, the site exists as content only. You can read what all the athletes or coaches are writing, but there's no option to interact.

"You think about 100 million sports fans who go online every month in the United States," Katz says. "The majority of them are not on Twitter. A lot of them technologically don't think they're savvy enough to go on Twitter, or don't really want to start publishing what they're doing on a regular basis. It doesn't mean they wouldn't be interested in what kind of content is coming out of Twitter."

Besides reading what athletes are up to, a fan can discover who's on Twitter from the sports world. Katz added they use a rigorous verification process for each new athlete-driven Twitter feed they add, though he admits it's not perfect.

As for the future of this constantly evolving project?

"You're going to see all of this stuff get a lot more interactive," Katz says. "We have a lot of other ideas around new features and enhancements and improvements that we're going to be adding into this experience. What you see right here is a nice, clean, easy-to-understand, simple-to-use Phase 1. There's a lot more coming down the pike."

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