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Re: Official retirement from Coria

I was actually expecting this for about a week. Something daze said stuck in my mind: Guille just wasn't interested anymore, which is fine. The skill wasn't the issue. The attitude and mindset he had win he was winning doesn't exists anymore, so it makes sense that the desire isn't there. Consider what other people play for; glory, status, just because they're really good, etc...Guille played for those things, but also for those things he mentioned in the 2004 RG final press conference. How many other players are giving their all for some shit like that? So once his quest for revenge ended, then it was a quest for glory. And he was able to play for that reason for a little while and it worked which was great. But later, as we learned from his interviews and things, he would ask himself in the middle of matches "why am I here?" Between '02 and '04, the answer would've been "I'm here to take this som'bitch's head to use as a plaque on my living room wall." Then 2007 Guille would ask '02 - '04 Guille "why would you wanna do that..." And '02 - '04 Guille would give '07 Guille a dumbfounded blank stare.
I think he got to a point where he was playing just to prove he could do it, and realized that wasn't necessary, and it isn't. I do honestly feel he cared about his fans too and wanted to give us something to cheer about. A year or so ago, I didn't want him to stop and I guess a lot of other fans didn't either. I guess because we knew the potential he possessed. But at least he gave it a try until he was absolutely certain.."dis ain't workin."

Anyway, I'll never forget =) at least his retirement will put an end to smartass "he's done" threads.

Thanks Guille. I learned a lot about people by being a fan and following your career so closely. I don't think I would've learned as much by being a Ferrero fan, a Nalbandian fan, a Roddick fan or litterally anyone else aside from Agassi.
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