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Re: the "say something nice thread"

Okay I will start of and say something nice cos no one else seems to want to say anything at all. I think that Mardy is a nice guy and I never once thought that he sucked or anything. I think that it is hard to understand someone like him because he does really well in one tournament then he messes up completely in the next tournament and I think that people need to patient with him. He may not quite really have realised just how talented he is, but i believe one day everything will click for him. I think that people are expecting too much from him and whenever he does lose a match no one can understand why.

It all is a learning process for Mardy and sooner or later he will figure things out. He will get there if not soon, then later. At least he does have people like Mcenroe to push him and Roddick too.

"The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work."

Go Federer, Nadal!!!
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