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Re: Having trouble playing against flat hitters!

yep... concentrating on one thing - footwork - will actually provide you with an easy set of rules to play a match without over thinking it, enjoying the battle and you should see some results either way...

if its a two handed backhand player, drop a short angled slice cross court... followed by short angled heavy topspin to the other side... making a flat hitter move inside the court AND wide at the same time is a handy play.... the only reason that flat hitters can manage to control the point is they have got their feet sorted or somewhere near it...

so, if its impossible to rip the ball up high with topspin to the backhand side (which it is here on wet synthetic grass) then the next best option is to slice it shorter and lower and build the point from there... build the point with your topspin from a place where you have forced them to respond to a shot... if it is short and low, then, your opponent will be forced to play on the 'UP' to you which should allow you to dictate in what fashion the rest of the point is played...

dont sacrifice your topspin, like Groove Dude said, you'll only fall into a pattern of play that is not yours...

so, more often than not, it is just case of finding the initial 'play' or 'shape' to allow you to dictate on your terms... its worth spending the time to discover what play opens ups your own prefferred pattern of play... while also understanding, that tennis is an imperfect puzzle that you are trying to solve... to expect perfection when there is two people involve will only take you further away from where you want to be...

TIP: on return game, use a mixture of open faced sliced returns and full blooded drives, using the full blooded topspin drives on 2nd serves or weak 1st's more... shake up the flat hitter's rhythm... flat hitter's are evil... they must be punished... go forth... do damage...

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