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Re: The "Never Mind Andy, Stay on your Honeymoon til Queen's" Clay Season Thread

Originally Posted by Deboogle!. View Post
well, andy doesn't usually blatantly lie and say he's gonna play somewhere and then pull out, which he did this time. And also, Andy had given us a bit of hope that he might actually have a decent RG this year, and that's highly unlikely if he's only gonna play Madrid (if that?), so it is extra disappointing, b/c we were dumb? enough to think he might actually translate his good form to RG this year and actually make the 2nd week before he retires. But it's quite clear he just doesn't give a damn. Too bad his fans care more about him doing well on clay than he does. I just wish he'd admit it. At least the Spaniards used to blatantly skip Wimbeldon instead of pretending and lying about caring like Andy does.
Eh, I'm not mad. The whole thing seemed pretty stupid to me anyways. What you're gonna get married and then come back the week later? No one does stuff like that except, oh yea, Roger Federer and we all saw what happened to him. Yes, lying and saying that you will play an event even though you know you won't is annoying for fans. Remember though Rome is mandatory, the policy is you have to play that unless otherwise unfit. So this is the rigmarole Andy must go through to pull from that event.

Andy can makeup for it by posting some decent results when he comes back. I'll forgive him if he wins a tournement.

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Anyone who says any player has no chance against Dolgopolov is clearly trolling.
That's the gospel.
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