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Re: Dinara Part 2: NUMBER ONE!!!!!!!

That article made me , but also, IMO, it was a little bit funny. I mean, the idea that either Marat or Dinara is a good enough actor to fool the entire world into thinking they're well-mannered, funny, and considerate and carry off that act for, like, 10 years, when in reality they are ill-brought up, rude, and graceless is... uh... hilarious. Neither of them can hide what they're thinking/feeling worth crap. If they were that bad, someone, somewhere, would have caught it on video by now.

(Also, speaking of rude, maybe it was just Google Translate, but what kind of an idiot goes up to someone in a closed car and demands an autograph? Dude, I'd tell you to fuck off, too. )

Congratulations, Dinara. Don't let the haters get you down.
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