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Re: Dinara Part 2: NUMBER ONE!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by AnnieNik View Post
Yes, she is and it proved to me once more why her brother doesn't even read Russian press One sports' newspaper celebration for her becoming Nr. 1 is a huge article, where at length they say how cold, arrogant and bitchy she is. She being cute just for camera, her brother being a jerk too. I have read half of it, and was pissed beyond words
Originally Posted by mer View Post
This "article" killed me. I could expect anything from russian media but not this. Today is a big day for russian tennis and today is a big happy day for Dinara and her family. And what does the leading russian sports newspaper do? Do they write about how hard she worked for this, or about her determination, about tough times and difficulties? No, they come out with an article bitching about Dinara not being nice to the press. It's so low, it's just an attempt to spoil this day for Safin family, attempt to revenge for every time Marat and Dinara refused to give interview to them. Incredible.
Originally Posted by AnnieNik View Post
Couldn't agree more. I was shocked, when I saw it and thought at first it's some sick irony or humor. Usually SovSport write nice things, but this one is way beyond any journalism. they deserve not to even see any of the Safins for the rest of their lives, let leave have an interview Those idiots critisize Safin parents for how they brought up their kids...that;s just
What is wrong with them! This family achieved something that nobody else has done: produced a number 1 brother+sister.
It's a pity they can't appreciate it.

Don't listen to those idiots Dinara, you deserve it as much as anyone else!
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