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Re: Andyland Chat Thread Part 2 (they made me.)

Originally Posted by Fee View Post
HI FEE! (: How's it going your way?

Originally Posted by Deboogle!. View Post
the time flies, yet crawls. I hear ya. Well, it's how I was raised, I can't help it. plus, saving a good $300 a month since moving has helped make going to Italy possible and also just starting to save that emergency fund that I really should have and haven't been saving for Prices have dropped here too. I'd love to buy a condo but even though the prices have also fallen a lot here, there are problems with it for a few reasons So I am just hanging tight and still renting my apartment.
$300?! Wow, that's some saving! Your other place must've been so expensive I'm so jealous of your trip to Italy I want to go to Rome pretty much more than anywhere in the world. It just looks magical...not to mention the food d:

Well, i don't know about over there, but they say the prices are going to fall even further, right until they pretty much hit the bottom of the market. It's pretty scary. Aaaaaand, what exactly is a condo?

Originally Posted by tennis lover View Post
I'm really not looking forward to paying London rent prices.
there's some good deals to be had in some parts of london. It's pretty much the cheapest that i can ever remember, so that's looking good. Does that make you feel better? (:

Originally Posted by tennis lover View Post
yeah, it's far easier for me to go, that's for sure! I'm just going to have to find a nice handsome (slightly wealthy) man to whisk me away for romantic weekends!
If you're wishing, go the whole hog and wish for an EXTREMELY wealthy man...then he can take you to Italy, wine and dine you there and fly you back first class

The Tennis Diet:
On the eve of the Roddick/Cilic match, my brother made Seafood Marinara. Can't eat it,
it's not part of the diet; it is enemy food. ie. Marin-ara Cilic.
I also did not eat Curry 'cos it rhymes with Murray.

I fangirl for Roddickulous, Youzhless and the Djoke.
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