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Re: Forum revival thread

Originally Posted by alisia View Post
Nope, according to the Muppets on Sky Murray is going to win

I went shopping with my Dad this morning and bought a Timberland bag that should have been £50 for £20
Tai-bo at least it should help you channel your energies
You said it: according to the MUPPETS on Sky. So that's not likely to happen.

That's a very good find, with these challenging economic times and all. I haven't been out shopping for anything else than food and tupperware since the US. Which is supposed to be a good thing. For the old bank-account.

So I got treated to a lovely migraine last night, continuing into this morning. Therefore I didn't see any tennis, but I see Djoko took Fernando out. After that "uplifting" news I took Noodles out for a walk or shuffle from my part as walking in 33 Celsius doesn't help recovering from a migraine, but the poor dog needed to get out. Most exciting thing of the week happened, closely followed by Marat winning a match of course. An extremely big specimen of the snake variety fell out of a tree! Well okay, a bush more like, but still, it fell out of something about 3 meters from where I was shuffling.(isn't this only supposed to happen in cartoons?) Noodles, the alert little dog she is, immediately rushed to get a closer look, so I was left screaming my lungs out to get her to come away from the creature. Which she did, she's a good doggie, but that didn't make my head feel much better.

Bet that never happens when you walk your dog?

When are you leaving for lovely Barcelona?
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