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Re: Roger news and articles

Originally Posted by Mellow Yellow View Post
OK we've got someone who's seriously :retard:. No point in responding except to say it's disgusting to think Roger would marry and father a child with someone he didn't really love. Just because some fans aren't ready to accept Roger as a husband and father (or they think it's distracting him from his career) doesn't mean he's in denial or is doing this against his will.

Is it me you are insulting with a lame and stupid smiley?
Who do you think you are to treat people like that? because you got more messages? Good grief, you want a medal?

Because someone doesn't agree with you and don't think like you, give you the right to call him insane with a stupid smiley not even directly to him but to others?
You are pathetic.
I'm not even waiting for apologies, coming from someone like you, it has no values whatsoever.
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