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Re: Robert Kendrick Sub-Forum Request

Originally Posted by Ozone View Post
It makes me frustrated to see people basing their vote off someones age. If anything, age should help. Robby has been a great, hard-nosed competitor over the years and his ranking has gone up. He is in a perfect position to move up at least 20 spots this year. he will stick around the tour for many more years and push his ranking into the top 40, 50.

But what does everyone care about, Amer Delic? Whos ranking is 160 and sub-forum is rarely used. Does he get it because he got to 3rd round in Aussie OPen, and STILL his sub-forum was mostly inactive? How can Robby (85th) not get one and Delic(160) get one. Delic's ranking has even plummeted since last year.
He turned pro in 2000. His yearend rankings from 2000 and onward are 343, 217, 175, 134, 160, 339, 87, 105, 97. That's the reason I drew the conclusion that he is a challenger level player.

The Robert Kendrick thread in USA forum has 53 posts since 2004.

Almost every players within the top 200 are great, hardnosed competitors because otherwise you won't survive there. So are we going to have a forum for every player within top 200?

Do I need to give more reasons that a forum is not a very good idea? And this has nothing to do with he's American or not?
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