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Re: Roger news and articles

Originally Posted by Swiss Mountain View Post
What puzzle me is why now? why a damn baby now? it's joy, but lots of problems, couldn't she wait until he pass 15 slams? he wants it, more than he wanted a baby as he stated last year.
He's in a crisis and the news of baby and marriage doesn't seems to make him happy: smashing rackets, crying over and over, playing bad...
I'm really afraid for him, and for the baby which might be and fell that he is the 'cause' of Roger's struggle.

Some say she stabbed Roger in the back on Tennisplanet, what do you think?

I REALLY HOPE NO. I'm just puzzled! and a marriage like you know: 'let's do it, and move away, that is just a formality'.
Come back strong Roger.
this is such bullshit it's not even worth responding to it.

News of the wedding came as a surprise to almost everyone. "I had no idea it was happening," one of Federer's closest associates said here yesterday. "I texted him as soon as I heard. He texted back to say he was over the moon and that it was the best day of his life."
gosh, that's so cute
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