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Re: Part 2 : Which one of these 8 youngsters will have the best career? Cilic, etc e

Simon still gets left off these kinds of lists even though he's top 10. I guess he's a little older, maybe, but he is the Rodney Dangerfield of MTF GM.

Cilic has the most solid game and all surface potential. I see him usurping Tsonga on this list at some point. He is destined for the top 10. Whether he rises to the challenge once he's there depends on whether he can improve the weaknesses Action Jackson points out, and just as important, conquer a tendency to go on walkabout for brief patches, especially the starts of matches and in the deep end of sets.

Tsonga has the best major-winning capability at present, at Wimbledon. And the highest rank at the moment. But his game isn't all surface. Scary stat: He has won exactly as many clay ATP matches as Nadal has won French Open titles. And he's injury prone.

Querrey would be next on my list because of his baseline consistency, which transfers well from hard court to clay and back. He even has the potential for a good grass game. Mentally, he's got some weaknesses. But he could pull off some big things at one point or another.

Gulbis: I'd love for him to play amazing tennis for more than two points in a row. But while I wish that he was first or second on this list, he still gets the vote for most squandered talent. Even his RG result is suspect to me, especially now that he's done f--- all this year. He got as far as he did at RG last year by beating clay legends like James Blake. That said, for the sake of the game even, I really hope he proves all the doubters and naysayers wrong. Because when's on, he plays a future (not futures) form of lightning-strike tennis.

Korolev has some real talent as well. Very mercurial. I need to see him play more.

Zverev has some old-school skills. But old-school skills only seem to make impact when the player is physically imposing and powerful like a Tsonga. He'd do well to learn from Stepanek's achievements on court.

Bolelli is in the running to be a current or future #1...most handsome/hottest player in the ATP.

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